Hero Wars unlimited currencies Guide

Hero Wars unlimited currencies Guide

What will you do when you are the only hope of the people to bring back peace in the kingdom? Would you take a step back or live up to their expectations? Well, in Hero Wars- Fantasy World, you will face the same situation. The game is developed by the Nexters and can be played on iOS as well as the Android platform.
The game is, however, free to download, but there are credits in the game that you may require purchasing. Therefore, to save yourself from that expense, you can use the Hero Wars- Fantasy World hack.
Now let’s have a look at the storyline of the game that entices the players.


Here, when the story starts, you find yourself in the role of Galahad. You love a girl named Aurora, but suddenly she disappears. You as a hero when search your love Aurora recklessly you get to know that your enemies are restraining her. You need to free her from their restraint, and this is your first goal after that you need to fight with several monsters like Archdemons and many more.


The emeralds are one of the main credits in the game that is essential to collect to make good progress in Hero Wars - Fantasy World. The emeralds can be purchased in the game by clicking on the treasure box present on the main screen. The chests cost for 200 bucks each, but the best is to hold until you collect 1500 emeralds in the game. The game also provides you an opportunity to open two chests after an interval of 12 hours. Rest I would still recommend using the Hero Wars-Fantasy World cheats and grabs a bunch of them for completely free in the game.
That’s all for the essential things to know about the game. Now, use your armaments to knock down the enemies one by one, making them lose ultimately.